Photography Installation

Images of our employees that are working within the installation divisions. These images gives us a peek into our employees daily routines. Therefore it's important that the images are not staged or feel unnatural in any way.



  • Do not stage photos. Use realistic situations and environments.
  • Work environments can be really dirty and cluttered. Try to work around that and find angles to simplify.
  • Employees should look focused and professional.
  • Employees should wear branded Bravida workwear and the right safety equipment.
  • We are a team of people working together at Bravida. Make sure that it comes thru in our images in a realistic way. Not like a fotball team looking in to the camera.
  • Bravida has a mix of people from different countries and gender. Make sure that it comes thru in our images.
  • Always make sure that we get a good mix of images. Close ups, distant, portrait, landscape, abstracted and informative. And keep in mind that images should have room from cropping and sometimes the possibilty to add text on top of them.