Bravida takes on two big hospital projects focusing on modern technical solutions

Bravida has signed a partnering contract to perform energy-efficient electrical and ventilation installations, together with Skanska at Alingsås Hospital. The project has an order value of SEK 90 million. In addition, the Helsingborg hospital area will become the most modern hospital in Sweden. Peab has entrusted Bravida Prenad to perform the electrical installations on the East wing, at an order value of SEK 58 million.

Press release

The hospital in Alingsås will get three new buildings and two existing buildings will be renovated. The project consists of a total area of 22 000 square meters. Bravida will install energy-efficient solutions where the new buildings will fulfill the regions, and Västfastigheter’s energy requirements for reaching the goal of halving energy use by 2030.

– The hospital in Alingsås is a big and important project for us. We get the opportunity to show our competence in energy-efficient installations here, says Anders Bådholm, Regional Manager Bravida Region Gothenburg.

The renovation of the Helsingborg Hopital Area is a partnering project together with Region Skåne and will be completed in 2023. Peab is entrusting Bravida Prenad to perform installations of the advanced technicalities in the East wing, which puts high demands on the installations work.  

– We have taken care of the operation of the hospital earlier. It feels great that we can build on that relationship and also deliver an extensive installation project with leading-edge technology, says Mats Karlsson, Regional Manager at Bravida Prenad.

Both projects will start immediately and 15 employees will work in Helsingborg and 26 in Alingsås.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Bådholm, Regional Manager, region Gothenburg. Phone: +46 31-709 52 26
Mats Karlsson, Regional Manager, Bravida Prenad. Phone: +46 42-16 74 01
Pär Lindahl, Construction Manager Peab Sweden. Phone: +46 73-33 74 132