New acquisition strengthens Bravida´s position in Tromsø, Norway

Bravida acquires Nord-Klima AS in Tromsø and strengthens its position to become the leading multitechnical service provider in a region with strong growth.

Press release

Nord-Klima with operations in Tromsø and Vadsø was founded in 1977. The company has 32 employees and a turnover of approximately NOK 70 million. Nord-Klima is a technical installation company offering ventilation, cooling and automation services.

– With the acquisition of HS: Vagle Rør AS and HS: Vagle Elektro AS with 120 new employees before the year end, Bravida Norway strengthened its business in Stavanger. Now we are strengthening our operations in northern Norway by acquiring Nord-Klima. We see Tromsø and the surrounding region as a very interesting market. Today, Bravida is represented in the electrical, heating & plumbing and HVAC fields. This acquisition significantly improves our possibilities to meet our customers’ demand for comprehensive technical services in installation and service, says Tore Bakke, Divisional Manager Bravida Division Norway.

Sellers are A.K. Holding AS, owned by Arild Karlsen, who together with Magnus Nordmo, Svein Kræmer and emplyees founded and developed the company since in 1977.

– We regard Bravida as a competent new owner of Nord-Klima and in this way the company will be able to develop further, now with a wider comprehensive technical offering, says Arild Karlsen, owner of A.K. Holding and CEO of Nord-Klima.

For further information, please contact:
Mattias Johansson, CEO and Group President Bravida.
Phone: +46 8 695 20 00
Tore Bakke, Divisional Manager Bravida Division Norway.
Phone: + 47 909 41 607
Arild Karlsen, owner of A.K. Holding.
Phone: +47 905 46 690