Bravida performs all installations when Värnamo Hospital modernises premises

Bravida has been contracted by Peab to perform all installations when Värnamo Hospital in Småland, Sweden, upgrades its premises for operations and intensive care, as previously announced in the Interim Report for the first quarter 2016. The project has an order value of approximately SEK 100 million. 

Press release

The county council Region Jönköpings Län is making a large investment to make Värnamo Hospital more modern and safer. Among other things, the hospital will be provided with a new intensive care unit, and several new and better operation rooms. Bravida has been entrusted with the task of carrying out and coordinating all installations in the areas of electricity, telecommunications, heating and plumbing, sprinklers, and automation systems.

– Bravida has a long-standing cooperation with the hospital. Also, in the past few years, Peab has had a close cooperation with Bravida in Värnamo. When we evaluated the possible suppliers, Bravida felt like the obvious choice, says Askin Cimen, project manager at Peab.

Hospital premises are generally very installation dense, and in this case, the installations make out 70 percent of the hospital’s modernisation. The project’s largest challenge is the short time frame; it is important for the coordination and planning to run smoothly.

– The project will be carried out while the hospital is still running, which means that the hospital has to keep working during the rebuilding project. This poses great demands on production, in terms of security and precision. We are looking forward to the project and hope that our cooperation with Värnamo Hospital will continue for many years to come, says Niclas Johansson, project manager, Bravida region Jönköping.

The project is divided into six stages, each for a different part of the hospital. The completion of the final stage is planned for September 2019. Around 50 employees from Bravida take part in the work.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Johansson, Project Manager, Region Jönköping. Tfn: +46 72-538 86 06
Åke Forsberg, Regional Manager, Bravida region Jönköping. Tfn: +46 370 67 27 01