Bravida wins large general agreement for apartment modules in Piteå

Bravida will be responsible for electrical installations and service when Lindbäcks bygg delivers around 5.000 pre-fabricated apartment modules to all around Sweden in the coming years. The general agreement runs for three years and has a total estimated order value of SEK 150 million.

Press release

Lindbäcks bygg is Sweden’s leading supplier of industrial construction of apartment buildings. Bravida has been entrusted to deliver all electrical installations and service in the coming three years – from module production to electrical service in the finished apartments.

– We are in a period of strong expansion, and have recently received some large orders, primarily from the Mälardalen and Norrbotten markets. Since we have already worked with Bravida for a number of years, it felt natural to continue our cooperation now that we are expanding our production, says Lars Eriksson, Procurement Manager at Lindbäcks bygg.

The apartment modules are produced in a factory in Öjebyn outside Piteå. Fitters from Bravida will participate from start to finish, from electrical installations during module production, to fitting of the installations when the apartment building is put together. Bravida will also deliver service of electrical installations to the real estate company.

– There is great potential in this, because of the large demand for housing. Through this general agreement, we have not only secured work for our current fitters, we also need to hire more, says Andreas Risberg, Branch Manager at Bravida Piteå.

The general agreement will provide employment for at least 20 Bravida fitters and a number of project managers in the coming three years.

For further information, please contact:
Andreas Risberg, Branch Manager, Bravida Piteå. Phone: +46 911-787 08
Olle Näsvall, Regional Manager, Bravida Region Norra Norrland. Phone: +46 70-640 07 72