Bravida wins large installation contract when Uppsala University Hospital expands

The Uppsala University Hospital is presently going through a large expansion and reconstruction. Bravida has been assigned by Skanska to install heating and plumbing in the hospital’s new patient care building.

Press release

Uppsala University Hospital, Akademiska sjukhuset, is about to be modernized. In the years leading up to 2023, the hospital will be equipped with both entirely new and renovated premises. Among other things, there will be an entirely new patient care building. Skanska has entrusted Bravida with all heating and plumbing installations in the new building. Sven Andersson, installation sourcing manager at Skanska, is pleased with the choice:

– For Skanska, this is a project of considerable size, and the choice of supplier is largely a matter of trust. Bravida is a large company, and they have several similar projects in their track record. We can see that they have the capability of carrying out a project of this magnitude, he says.

Bravida’s installations will include solutions for waste water, roof drainage, tap water, heating and cooling, among other things. The project started in the beginning of August and includes about 50 000 square metres of new hospital premises. The building will cointain 96 single patient rooms, 10 operating rooms, and a new medical health centre with a large number of consulting rooms, day care rooms and dialysis spots. There will also be an auditorium with a capacity for 130 people.

– It’s great that Bravida has been entrusted with yet another hospital assignment. It points to our competencies in the area. This project will further deepen our cooperation with Skanska. At the same time, it enables our employees to further develop their skills in this type of installations, says Tomas Ekberg, Branch Manager at Bravida Heating and Plumbing in Uppsala.

The project, which has a target order value of SEK 110 million, is estimated to be completed in August 2018.

For further information, please contact:
Tomas Ekberg, Branch Manager, Bravida Heating and Plumbing, Uppsala.
Phone: +46 18-65 00 15
Johan Brodin, Branch Manager, Bravida Region Uppland .
Phone: +46 18-65 00 00