Bravida establishes Commercial Paper Programme

Bravida establishes a Commercial Paper Programme with a value of SEK 2 billion. Only a part of the programme will be issued initially. 

Press release

– The primary purpose of the programme is to refinance parts of existing loans and to diversify the loan structure, says Nils-Johan Andersson, CFO, Bravida.

The term of issue of commercial papers will be shorter than one year. The provider and issuing and paying agent (IPA) for the programme is SEB and the issuing institutions are DNB, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank.

In connection with the establishment of the Commercial Paper Programme, Bravida renegotiated the structures in existing credit agreements. The new credit facilities amounts to SEK 3.7 billion with a distribution of SEK 1.7 billion term loans and SEK 2 billion revolving credit facility.

For further information, please contact:
Nils-Johan Andersson, CFO Bravida. Phone: +4670 668 50 75