Bravida performs energy efficient installations in Kiruna's new cultural center

The move of Kiruna’s city center is progressing since two years. Now, Kiruna’s new cultural center is about to be built, which will be the start of the new city center’s second quarter. Bravida is commissioned by Peab to perform all installations in the new cultural center at an order value of approximately SEK 56 million.

Press release

A second quarter in Kiruna's new city center is now being established. It will include a library, a cinema and restaurants as well as the new cultural center. Bravida has been appointed to perform the turnkey contract of the cultural center, which includes installations within electricity, ventilation, heating and plumbing, sprinklers and cooling.

– Bravida is a well-established installations company in Kiruna so the choice of partner was easy. They believe and want to engage in the city’s development, says Sari Ekblom, Regional Manager at Peab.

The cultural center will be built with the best sustainable technology, to meet the challenges of the future. It will also be certified as a Miljöbyggnad Silver and Energi Guld building.

– We are proud to contribute to the future Kiruna. In this project, we will help the cultural center so they can run their daily business in an energy-saving and sustainable way. Among other things, we will install demand-driven lighting and ventilation which will provide a comfortable indoor environment for both staff and visitors, says Tage Lundin, Regional Manager, Bravida region Malmfälten.

The assignment is executed as a Bravida-Plus project, which means that Bravida is responsible for the performance of all installations. The project will begin immediately with a design phase and is expected to be completed in December 2020. Approximately 25 employees will work in the project.

Bravida's involvement in the move of Kiruna has been large since the start. Among other things, Bravida has performed all the installations in the Kiruna City Hall, which is now in the stage of completion.

For further information, please contact:
Tage Lundin, Regional Manager, Bravida region Malmfälten.
Phone: +46 98 07 85 25