Bravida Prenad wins large installation contract when Helsingborg hospital area is modernised

Helsingborg hospital area is about to be renovated and modernised. Bravida Prenad has been assinged by NCC to install solutions for power, fiber and media supply.

Press release

During the following years, Region Skåne will make major investments in developing and modernising Helsingborg hospital area. The goal is an improved care facility and an emergency hospital that is well-equipped for the requirements of the future.

Bravida Prenad is responsible for replacing existing utilities. The project, which has an estimated order value of SEK 126 million, includes a new high-voltage substation and low-voltage substation, new diesel generators, UPS, power and fiber installations, as well as a new technology building.

The involved entrepreneurs will work closely together during the project and Bravida Prenad's work will begin already in the stage of projection.

– This is an important project for Region Skåne. It requires a lot of resources and that the entrepreneurs work together from start. Bravida Prenad can contribute with both muscles and knowledge. We have cooperated before and feel confident in our choice of supplier, says Tord Johansson, operations expert, Region Skåne.

Mats Karlsson, Regional Manager, Bravida Prenad, is pleased about the new assignment.

– We have had a long relationship with Helsingborg hospital. I see this new assignment as a confirmation of our previous work being well performed. The hospital activity will go on as usual throughout the whole project, and our work can not affect the hospital's daily work. That will be our big challenge.

The installation work has recently begun and Bravida Prenad's work is estimated to run until mid-2020. The entire hospital area will be completed in 2026. At most, Bravida will have 10-15 employees working in the project.

This is yet another hospital in the long line of large Nordic hospital assignments that Bravida has won in the past few years, including Nya Kungälv sjukhus, Akademiska Uppsala, Värnamo sjukhus in Sweden, Gødstrups sjukhus in Denmark and Tønsbergs sjukhus in Norway.

For further information, please contact:
Mats Karlsson, Regional Manager, Bravida Prenad. Phone: +46 704-15 13 30
Bernt-Arne Larsson, Project Manager, Bravida Prenad Helsingborg. Phone: +46 704-15 80 83