Bravida takes on large coordination project when Region Kronoberg builds new psychiatry facilities

Region Kronoberg will build new facilities for adult psychiatry in the Sankt Sigfrid area in Växjö. Bravida has been assigned by Dynacon Construction AB to coordinate and execute all installations to an order value of approximately SEK 110 million.

Press release

The new premises of 16,000 square meters will contain elderly, psychosis, addictive and general psychiatry, as well as an psychiatric emergency room. That means high demands on the technical installations. Håkan Stjernqvist, CEO of Dynacon Construction AB:

– This kind of medical activity put high demands on the technical solutions, where the installations plays an essential part. We have worked with Bravida before and they presented a good and flexible solution to this project. Therefore, the choice fell on them. I feel confident with Bravida coordinating and performing all installations.

Bravida has an important role in the stage of projection as well as performing all installations of electrics, heating & plumbing, HVAC, sprinkler and control solutions in the new, installation dense, facilities.

– This is one of the largest projects Bravida Växjö has received. We have the skills and resources so it feels both safe and exiting. The timetable of this project is, like for many others, very tight. This requires good coordination which is one of our strengths, says Niclas Johansson, Project Manager, Bravida Region Jönköping.

The project starts in august 2017 and is estimated to be completed during the fall 2019. Bravida will have 50 employees involved in the project and it will also open up for new recruitments.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Johansson, Project Manager, Bravida Region Jönköping. Phone: +46 725-38 86 06
Henrik Ekelöf, Deputy Project Manager, Bravida Växjö. Phone: +46 470-377 09