Bravida acquires its fifth company in Finland

Bravida is acquiring Finnish Hangö Elektriska (Hangon Sähkö Oy), bolstering its position in southern Finland. The company has 90 employees and annual sales of SEK 160 million.

Press release

Hangö Elektriska offers comprehensive electricity and HVAC solutions to customers in both Finland and Sweden. A significant part of the business consists of service.

The acquisition means that Bravida gains an even stronger base in Finland.

– Bravida has a clear strategy to grow in Finland and through this acquisition we will become an even stronger supplier in southern Finland. Hangö Elektriska is a well-run company with competent and determined leaders. This creates good conditions to develop the company together, says Mattias Johansson, CEO of Bravida.

Hangö Elektriska’s headquarters are located in Finnish Hangö, with a branch office in Billnäs. They also have part of their operations in Sweden.

– I want to develop the business further, which will be possible with Bravida as owners. Together, we will be bigger and stronger, says Jörgen Henriksson, who has owned the company together with Henry Holmgård.

Henry Holmgård retires in connection with the acquisition and Jörgen Henriksson becomes Branch Manager in Bravida Finland.

This is Bravida’s fifth acquisition in Finland. In 2015, Bravida acquired Peko Group Oy and Halmesvaara Oy, followed by Asentaja Group Ab Oy and Adison Oy.

For further information, please contact:
Mattias Johansson, CEO and Group President, Bravida. +46 8 695 20 00
Marko Holopainen, Head of division Finland. Tel: +358 400 458 158