Bravida performs all installations in a new top modern bus depot in Uppsala

Bravida is commissioned by HENT to perform all technical installations when Region Uppsala builds a new 11,000 square meter large bus depot. The assignment has an order value of approximately SEK 87 million.

Press release

Uppsala is growing, and so is the city's public transportation. Therefore, a new bus depot will be built in Fyrislund with room for 180 buses. The depot will also accommodate an administrative and workshop building, service buildings and a gas storage facility.

Bravida will perform all installations in the project, which includes solutions within electricity, HVAC, ventilation and sprinklers.

– In a bus depot, the installations make up a large and important part of the functioning. Therefore, high demands are placed on the technical competence and interaction between the different disciplines. This assignment is a result of close cooperation between Bravidas branch managers, calculators and other employees. The fact that we offer a multi-technical concept made us even more competitive, says Johan Brodin, Region Manager, Bravida Region Uppland.

Bravida has previously collaborated with HENT in Norway, but this will be the first collaboration on the Swedish market.

– HENT are experts in project development, project management and purchasing. I think our experience of large projects combined with Bravida's wide offer and expertise will contribute to a good cooperation, says Magnus Klarheden, Project Manager at HENT Sweden.

The groundwork for the new bus depot has begun and Bravida’s work is estimated to start in June 2018. About 25 Bravida employees will work in the project during an installation period of approximately one year.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Brodin, Region Manager, Bravida region Uppland.
Phone: +46 70 421 43 86