Bravida acquires Karby VVS – strengthens position in Sigtuna, Märsta and Arlanda

Bravida has signed an agreement to acquire Karby VVS AB. Through the acquisition, Bravida strengthens its position in plumbing and energy efficient solutions in Sigtuna, Märsta and the Arlanda area. 

Press release

Karby VVS has 14 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 42 million. The operations focus on new-builds, service and renovation and extension projects within HVAC, energy optimization, smart energy solutions, heat pump installations and solar cell installations for companies and individuals. Johan Brodin, regional manager of Bravida region Uppland, is pleased with the acquisition:

“Bravida Uppland sees a clear potential in strengthening the operations in heating and plumbing service in Märsta and Uppsala. The Märsta company Karby VVS fits perfectly, and with them onboard, we’ll have yet another discipline in Märsta in addition to electricity. Now, we will be able to offer our customers a broader range of services, not least in sustainable installations. Also, Karby is a stable heating and plumbing company with a long history locally”, said Johan Brodin.

Karby VVS started in 1991 as a company with few employees. Over the years, it has developed into a company with high competence in plumbing and smart energy solutions. Johan Lundgren, current owner and CEO of Karby VVS AB, has been running the company together with his wife since the beginning.

“We have many assignments within energy efficient and climate-smart installations. It will be easier to deliver, now that we are a part of a broad organisation where we can easily cooperate with other areas of technology. It will benefit all stages of our projects. The acquisition will also be good for our staff, who will have great opportunities to continue their development within Bravida”, said Johan Lundgren.

Bravida takes over as owner in early September 2019.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Brodin, Regional Manager, Bravida Region Uppland. Phone: +46 704214386
Lars Täuber, Division Manager, Bravida Division Stockholm. Phone: +46 706005946