Bravida continues Denmark aquisitions – strengthens service business in Copenhagen

Bravida Denmark A/S acquires the Copenhagen-based company MIH VVS ApS, strengthening its presence within service in the capital area. MIH VVS has around 70 employees and had a turnover of approximately DKK 72 million in 2018. 

Press release

MIH VVS is a HVAC and electrical company which focuses on service and smaller installations assignments to private customers, tenants, property owners, and district heating suppliers.

“This acquisition strengthens our foothold in central Copenhagen. We realized quickly that MIH VVS has a good combination of solid service agreements, an attractive location, and competent employees, which will bring us closer to customers in Copenhagen. The acquisition will strengthen Bravida’s position within service, said Carsten Bo Knudsen, Regional Manager for Bravida region Øst in Denmark.”

MIH VVS’ customer base consists of many service and general agreements which will be transferred to Bravida in the acquisition. One of the owners of MIH VVS, Rasmus Bork-Nielsen, said:

“Our focus has always been to find new paths and improve our working methods. I look forward to continue to develop the business and take new steps together with Bravida, who has the same focus as us. To become part of a larger group brings many advantages to us and our customers.”

Bravida Denmark has taken over as owner of MIH VVS. All employees will continue in their current roles. The previous owners, Michael Ian Henriksen and Rasmus Bork-Nielsen, will continue as responsible for the business.

The company will be integrated into Bravida during 2019.  

For further information, please contact:
Carsten Bo Knudsen, Regional Manager, Bravida Denmark region Øst. Phone: +45 2525 3975
Johnny Hey, Head of Division Denmark, Bravida. Phone: +45 2525 2344