Bravida signs agreement to acquire operations from Östervåla VVS AB

Bravida has signed an asset transfer agreement with Östervåla VVS AB, thus strenghtening its heating and plumbing operations in the Swedish region of Uppland with 14 new employees.

Press release

Östervåla VVS was founded in 1977 and has since been offering heating and plumbing installations and service to customers in the Swedish regions of Uppland and Mälardalen. The customer base is mixed and includes for example municipalities, county councils, construction companies and individuals. Bravida has signed an agreement with Östervåla VVS AB to acquire the company’s assets.

“We saw a need to strengthen our capacity in heating and plumbing in the region. Östervåla VVS is a well-established company in the area. They are well-known to us and we know that they have competent employees, so we are very happy about this acquisition”, says Johan Brodin, regional manager, Bravida Uppland.

The agreement also includes a number of customer agreements. Several of the current customers are already customers at Bravida's electricity department in Uppsala.

“This means that we can strengthen our overall service to several of our existing customers”, says Johan Brodin.

The business will be transferred as of September 1.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Brodin, regional manager, Bravida Uppland. Phone: +46-18-65 00 61
Viktor Gujic, branch manager, Bravida Uppsala Heating & Plumbing. Phone: +46-18-65 00 18