Bravida Denmark wins a major renovation project in the Bartholin complex at Aarhus University

Bravida Danmark A/S has signed an agreement with the contracting company Enemærke & Petersen, for a comprehensive renovation of the Bartholin complex at Aarhus University. The assignment includes electricity, plumbing and ventilation. The total order amount is DKK 100 million.

Press release

Together with Enemærke & Petersen, Bravida Denmark establish a joint organization to match the complex task. Bravida expects to engage approximately 40-50 people in the project, which concerns the renovation of existing office and laboratory buildings to the department of biomedicine at Aarhus University. The project includes a broad technology package consisting of, external energy renovation and a total renovation of the interior with environmental adaptions from laboratories and offices, of approx. 12,000 sqm.

“We are very proud of the project and that Enemærke & Petersen has chosen to establish and organize a joint management with Bravida. It is a complicated renovation project with many challenges, where Enemærke & Petersen has its strength in construction, and we have the technical knowledge”, says Klaus Villefrance, Regional Manager Bravida Denmark Region Nord.

“We have a good collaboration with Bravida, and the project contains very advanced technology with renovation of the laboratories, which require good logistics and planning with a good coordination process”, says Per Stabell Jørgensen, project manager Enemærke & Petersen.

The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Kjellev, Head of Communications, Bravida, +46 72 226 37 79

Klaus Villefrance, Regional Manager, Bravida Danmark, +45 893 022 33