Bravida Sweden acquires refrigeration technology company in Bohuslän

Bravida acquires Kylteknik Bohuslän AB in Stenungsund, thereby strengthening its position in refrigeration technology in western Sweden.

Press release

Since 1997, Kylteknik Bohuslän AB has delivered servicing and installation of refrigeration facilities to shops, shipping, industries, catering facilities and more. The company has a turnover of around SEK 21 million and has 13 employees, including nine refrigeration technicians. Stefan Sandström, Business Area Manager Cooling at Bravida, Division Riks, explains the background to the acquisition:

“Bravida is working to become a leading partner for servicing and installation in refrigeration technology in Sweden.This acquisition strengthens our position in western Sweden and complements our current operations in the Gothenburg area”, says Stefan Sandström.

The current owners Claes Mårtensson and Mats Börjesson find it both challenging and fun to become part of Bravida. Claes Mårtensson says:

“Being part of a larger company feels safe, and it is important in order to meet increasing demands from both customers and authorities. Together with Bravida, we will be able to continue to develop and become an even more stable partner for both customers and employees.”

Bravida assumed ownership on April 1, 2020.

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Liselotte Stray, press contact, Sweden. Tfn: +46 76 852 38 11