Peter Olsen resigns his position as CEO of Solkraft EMK AB

In May 2020, Bravida acquired part of Solkraft EMK AB. The company is in an important phase of its growth journey and to meet market expectations, founder Peter Olsen has chosen to resign his current role as CEO and will be succeeded by Johnny Petré, Regional Manager in Bravida Malmö.

Press release

As previously communicated, the acquisition of Solkraft EMK AB is a development of Bravida's customer offering and part of a long-term investment in the goal of becoming an industry leader in sustainability.Solkraft EMK is currently in an expansive phase and to meet a new market with growing demand, the founder and current CEO Peter Olsen chooses to leave his role to focus entirely on sales and customer relations. Peter will remain a board member of Solkraft EMK.

- When we chose to partner with Bravida, the goal was to grow and create a stronger position in the market. Solkraft EMK is my life's work and I am very proud of what we have achieved so far. To create the best conditions for reaching our new goals, I am convinced that this is the right decision right now, comments Peter Olsen.

Bravida's President and CEO Mattias Johansson is also Chairman of the Board of Solkraft EMK. He welcomes the decision.

- Solkraft EMK is a company with great potential and Peter Olsen has played a key role in its journey. For the future, I am convinced that Peter’s decision to focus entirely on sales is the right one. It will be crucial to drive the desired growth.

Peter Olsen will be succeeded by Johnny Petré. Johnny Petré is Regional Manager in Bravida Malmö and will continue in this role alongside his new assignment.