Bravida Denmark carrying out installation and wins contracts for future service assignments at the new hospital in Odense

Bravida Denmark has signed a contract with the Region of Southern Denmark for the complete provision, installation and maintenance of the entire 10kV infrastructure for OUH, the new hospital in Odense that will replace the existing Odense University Hospital.

Press release

The new hospital in Odense will have a total of 260,000 m2 of floor space, with the total 10kV infrastructure based on an overarching supply network with a switching station, which also forms part of Bravida’s contractual deliverables. Bravida has signed a contract for the complete provision, installation and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. The contract includes a number of technical areas covered by Bravida’s holistic range of expertise, such as cooling, security, electrics, heating and plumbing, HVAC and others. 

“It is a complex project, as a hospital requires a really stable and secure supply infrastructure. It is therefore with great pleasure that we have now reached the project milestone at which we can agree contracts for our 10kV infrastructure,” comments Kenneth Holm, Deputy Project Manager for the New OUH.

In addition to the installation contract, Bravida has also been awarded a service contract for the building for a period of 12.5 years. 

“It is an exciting assignment to provide the overall infrastructure for the new hospital. I am also pleased that we have been awarded the maintenance and service contract. We have considerable experience with hospital buildings and a high level of competence in both operating and maintaining high-voltage systems,” comments Ole Høgh, Regional Manager for Bravida Denmark, Infrastructure region.

Planning work will start during the fourth quarter of 2021. The construction work for the infrastructure project will start in January and the system is expected to be operational by April 2023.

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