Bravida launches GreenHub – fossil-free, fast servicing throughout the Nordics

As Bravida’s fleet of vehicles goes electric, alternative transport options are also being expanded across the Group as of 1 September. Our GreenHub concept focuses entirely on bicycles, electric scooters and walking. GreenHub is revolutionising the building services sector’s delivery of servicing in major cities, and not only taking fossil fuels out of the equation but also helping provide faster servicing.

Press release

GreenHub was launched in Norway in autumn 2020 and has been a huge success. The project is now being rolled out to five of the Nordic region’s major cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Helsinki.

Bravida’s central location in these cities means servicing can be provided by bicycle, electric scooter or on foot instead of by van, as was previously the case. The aim is to contribute in every we can towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

“GreenHub is enabling us to change traditional ways of delivering servicing in our industry. I’m proud that here at Bravida we are taking a significant step and showing how it should be done when it comes to carbon-neutral transport. It’s exciting and it’s important for us as a company to be delivering servicing in a sustainable way,” said Bravida CEO and Group President Mattias Johansson.

Bravida’s main focus is to service buildings and make them more energy-efficient for a sustainable future, and transport to and from customers plays a crucial role in this. However, GreenHub not only reduces emissions, but also significantly improves delivery times by avoiding traffic jams and having to find somewhere to park.

“This move means we can respond to our customers in an innovative way. It strengthens our position both within servicing and sustainability, which boosts profitability for us and our customers. Green capitals are the future, so I’m extremely proud that we are now able to be the green servicing partner in the heart of the Nordic region’s biggest cities,” added Bravida CEO and Group President Mattias Johansson.

GreenHub will officially launch on 1 September 2021.

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