Bravida strengthens its focus on technical Facility Management in the entire Nordic region

Bravida is now strengthening its range of technical Facility Management services by concentrating them in a single Nordic FM organisation. This initiative will strengthen the overall range of services across the entire service area.

Press release

The new Nordic solution for technical Facility Management will ensure reliable delivery with a long-term perspective for all customers in the Nordic region. Having a unified FM organisation will make it possible for Bravida to offer tailor-made solutions based on its core competencies.

“It is interesting to see how the market has changed, from featuring predominantly integrated facility management solutions with all the services provided by one supplier to now having more specialised solutions based on leading expertise. Bravida definitely has a role to play in such an environment, which is the reason for this initiative,” comments Lars Täuber, Nordic Head of Facility Management at Bravida.

The Facility Management organisation is now gradually being built up, based on the service that Bravida already provides in that area for certain customers.

“It is basically a given that the people who performed the technical installations have the most knowledge about how to optimise them in the long-term. By taking a holistic approach, Bravida can become a strategic partner to customers regarding energy optimisation and property development,” comments Pontus Monthan, Head of Facility Management in Sweden.

In addition to Sweden, Facility Management will also be established in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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