Bravida acquires Karlstads Processrör AB and strengthens its position in pipe installations

Bravida is acquiring the company Karlstads Processrör AB and thereby strengthening its position in pipe installations for industry customers in Karlstad and the surrounding area. The company has 35 employees and generates annual sales of around SEK 65 million.

Press release

Karlstads Processrör AB has many years of experience in the process industry and carries out assignments throughout Sweden. The company develops customer-specific solutions with a focus on pipe assembly and installation in the process and energy industries.  

“Karlstads Processrör AB is a well-managed company that has been around for many years and has a solid customer base. We are thus now acquiring a well-established specialised business in Karlstad and the surrounding area that we have not had before. I am convinced that this will also have a positive impact on our other business activities in the region,” comments Stellan Lindqvist, Regional Manager for the Vänern region at Bravida. 

The current owners of Karlstads Processrör AB are Per Djurholm, Fredrik Roxström and Mikael Nyberg, all of whom will be joining Bravida. Per Djurholm will have the role of Branch Manager and he comments:

“Bravida is the right match for us because we share the same values and corporate philosophy. As a result of the acquisition, we will become part of a larger organisation with a broader range of services. Our focus will continue to be in the industrial sector and on professional pipe welding. We look forward to becoming part of Bravida.” 

Karlstads Processrör AB and Bravida are currently located in different places in Karlstad, but are planning to move into shared premises in the future. 

Bravida will take over as the new owner on 1 June 2022.

For further information, please contact: 
Liselotte Stray
Head of Group Communications
+46 (0)76 852 38 11