Bravida takes another step towards a fully fossil-free vehicle fleet – Offers employees exclusively electric company vehicles

Bravida Sweden’s approximately 1,100 company vehicles are set to become even more climate-friendly, with only electric vehicles being available from 1 February. This move is a further step towards Bravida’s goal of becoming climate neutral throughout the entire value chain.

Press release

In 2019, Bravida was the first company in the industry to announce a goal of 30 percent of its service vehicles being fossil-free by 2025. Bravida is now accelerating its climate transformation by giving electric vehicles to all employees who are entitled to a company vehicle. The company is thus shifting to a completely fossil-free vehicle fleet.

Previously, plug-in hybrids, petrol cars and diesel cars were available, but these are now being phased out in favour of a range of 100% electrified vehicle options. 

“Whether outside work, at work or as a customer and client, people today want to have the opportunity to contribute to a better environment, and I am proud that we continue to lead the way in the industry in this regard. Bravida has a large vehicle fleet so this decision will further reduce our climate footprint. We are confident that the decision will be appreciated by all parties,” comments Mattias Johansson, President and Group CEO of Bravida. 

More information about Bravida’s sustainability efforts is available here:

The new range, featuring only electric vehicles, will be introduced on 1 February 2022. 

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Head of Group Communications
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