Leadership at Bravida

At Bravida we invest in our leaders. If you are a leader within Bravida, we offer leadership training in several stages for those with direct and indirect personnel responsibility

Bravida Leadership model – lead towards full potential

We owe Bravida's success to our employees. That's why we strive to be the best employer in the industry. We want to offer a safe and inclusive workplace where our employees can develop to their full potential and create great results together.

To achieve this, we have developed the Bravida Leadership Model. It supports our leaders by clarifying their responsibilities, creating a link between the business plan, our people vision and everyday leadership. The model is based on a safe and inclusive workplace where you as a leader are expected to be a role model and actively work to create a safe, pleasant and developing environment together with your team.

Our Bravida leaders:


Champion a safe and inclusive culture.


Empower their team through coaching.


Drive strategic alignment to Bravidas vision and goals.


Commit to continuous learning.

Ready to be a Bravida leader?