About Bravida’s deliverables

About 18 kilometres of E4 The Stockholm bypass will be in tunnels, and a lot of installation work is required.

Bravida is participating in the project via two contracts: FSE902 and FSE905. These are Bravida’s largest contracts ever, and form the largest installation contract in Sweden.

Our design work started in summer 2019, and production will begin in 2023. We will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all the installations until E4 the Stockholm bypass opens to traffic in 2030.

Installation contractors

In E4 The Stockholm bypass Project, four contractors are working on the five installation contracts FSE901-FSE905, for the Swedish Transport Administration.

In the most labour-intensive phase, we expect around 50 administrative staff and 300 fitters to be working on FSE902 and FSE905 at Bravida.

FSE902 FSE902 - Electricity supply, lighting and ventilation
FSE905 FSE905 - Water and wastewater