Whistleblower report form

In Bravida, we should live as we preach and follow our code of conduct and values. If you notice that we do not follow our values, you should report it. As an employee in Bravida, you should primarily discuss your issues with your manager, or your manager's manager. You can always contact someone in HR or Bravida's chief legal officer.

If, for some reason, you feel that you can't discuss the issue with your manager, or if you're not employed by Bravida and feel that we are not following our values, you can use the below form to report the issue. You can report conduct or information about conduct or other circumstances which you think should be investigated. When you report this way, you are guaranteed full anonymity if you so wish.

Report according to the form below.

Information sent through this form will be recieved by Bravida's Chief Legal Officer and can only be read by him or her. If you choose not to disclose your idenity, you will be fully anonymous, also to the recipient. However, should you wish to be contacted, please note that you need to submit information of how you can be reached.