About Bravida’s deliverables

Bravida is working on two contracts i E4 The Stockholm bypass on behalf of The Swedish Transport Administration. Our assignment include the installations of systems for Power Supply, Lighting, HVAC, Wastewater and Fire Fighting.

From design to production​

Planning and Design for the Stockholm Bypass has been ongoing since 2019. Site mobilization occured in the summer of 2023, and the road is scheduled to open to traffic in 2030.

PMO is responsible for the design and testing of the technical equipment, and installations are carried out by five different Bravida departments: El, Vent, Cooling, Sprinkler and VS.

In the most labor-intensive phase, around 50 office workers and 200 fitters will be engaged in E4 the Stockholm Bypass project at Bravida. 

Read more about the different phases of construction at trafikverket.se

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