About Bravida’s deliverables

Bravida is working with two contracts in E4 The Stockholm bypass Project: FSE902 and FSE905. Together they form the largest installation assignment to date in Sweden.

Installation contractors​

In E4 The Stockholm bypass Project, four contractors are working on the five installation contracts FSE901-FSE905 on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration. Bravida's assignment includes installations for Power Supply, Lighting and HVAC (FSE902), as well as Wastewater Systems and Fire Fighting Systems (FSE905).​

From design to production​

Since the fall of 2019, we have been designing and planning for the construction-phase that will be starting in 2023.​

We utilize a virtual design and construction method called BIM (Building Information Modeling). This means that as good as all data about the installations is collected in one model, or more specifically: 3D models are combined with information about time and costs to a digital 5D model.

The 5D model is to be used by all project managers and designers, and will be updated with information from fitters and site supervisors through a field tool in smartphone or tablet.​

All installations are tested continuously before they are put into use, both on site (in the tunnel) and in a designated test facility

Our deliverables in pictures