About Bravida’s deliverables

Bravida is working with two contracts in E4 The Stockholm bypass Project: FSE902 and FSE905. Together they form the largest installation assignment to date in Sweden.

Installation contractors​

In E4 The Stockholm bypass Project, four contractors are working on the five installation contracts FSE901-FSE905 on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration. Bravida's assignment includes installations of the Power Supply system, Lighting and HVAC systems (FSE902), as well as Wastewater Systems and Fire Fighting Systems (FSE905).​

From design to production​

Planning and Design for the Stockholm Bypass has been ongoing since 2019. Site mobilization occured in the summer of 2023 The road is scheduled to open to traffic in 2030.

An industry leading BIM and Design strategy has been implemented on this project. Our models are rich with data on engineering, construction, planning, cost, service and so on. This data is then utalized to enable our teams to tackle a gigantic task in a controlled manner.

All installations are tested before they are put into use, first in a designated testing facility (FAT) and later on site (SAT).

Our deliverables in pictures