Construction site

Our construction site is located at the E4 The Stockhom Bypass tunnel entrance in Akalla.

Hanstavägen/Akallaleden, 164 74 Stockholm, Map pin

Phone: +46 761441727

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Access to the workplace

Prior to your first day at our construction site (no later than 5 days in advance), you need to get registered via Infobric Field/inductions registration to be able to use the project platform/app Infobric Field. The Ease Checkin app is required to check in/out of the work site.

No later than 2 days before entering site, you must have completed three e-learning courses: Trafikverket and Bravida's workplace introductions (you will receive these by email), and the course Safe Construction Training (linked below).

Valid ID06 and valid identification must be brought along. Class 3 high-visibility clothing must be worn on the upper and lower body, as well as a helmet and safety shoes. A headlamp must be used when working in the tunnel.

Delivery personell do not need to be registered as long as a Bravida representative monitors the entire delivery/pick-up process.

The Swedish Transport Administration must be notified 5 days prior to visitors’ access to site. Helmets, safety shoes and class 3 high-visibility vests must be worn by all visitors.



Infobric Field/inductions Registration

Safe Construction Training

Infobric Field (Android)

Ease Checkin (Android)

Infobric Field (iPhone)

Ease Checkin (iPhone)


Welcome to us, Per Andersson and staff!