Västerås DC project

Bravida was engaged as the General Contractor of a Data Center project in Västerås for a confidential client.

Bravida’s Scope of Work was the complete fit out of the data halls with backup generators. This is our second data center project for the same client.​

Construction work began in February 2023, and is scheduled to be completed in the end of July 2023. Our construction site included a 14,000 m2 data center building, site roads, a process water storage area, an MV Substation and backup generators. ​

We have previously completed two similar projects for the same client, where the server halls have been in operation since 2021 and 2022.


About Bravida's deliverables

As General Contractor, Bravida was responsible for the supply of general contractor services as well as mechanical and electrical installation services.

The General Contractor services include:​

  • Modifications to structural steel frame​
  • Fire rated internal walls​
  • Temporary works ​
  • Security cabling​
  • Concrete foundations for generators and water storage tank​
  • Shop drawings​
  • Design Coordination
  • BIM Coordination​

The mechanical and electrical services include the installation of:​

  • HVAC​
  • Cooling​
  • Fuel pipe system for generators​
  • Electrical power​
  • Lighting​
  • Sprinkler​
  • Security systems​

Design engineering is performed by consultants engaged by the client.