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A sustainable company

Sustainability is important to Bravida. We have 65,000 customers and every day we help them contribute to a sustainable society.

After every installation or service assignment we want properties and systems to work a little better, be more energy-efficient and for those people that live or work there to feel safe and healthy.

But the issue of how we operate responsibly, sustainably and for the long term is wider than that. It relates to the choices and priorities we make in our day-to-day work, how we conduct business and how we cooperate with other entities.

Bravida's priority sustainability goals

Sustainable use of resources - efficient production and energy-efficient offerings

We aim to be an industry leader on energy and the environment. We aim to offer our customers energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions, and to reduce our own environmental impact.

Good business ethics - in relation to customers, employees and suppliers

All our business relationships should be managed in a responsible and proper manner.

Good health and safety - employee safety, and physical and mental health

No employee should suffer from work-related physical or mental ill health - our long term aim is to eliminate this.

Sustainability measures at different levels

Bravida’s priority sustainability goals relate to the sustainable use of resources, good health and safety and good business ethics. Environmental, economic and social factors are all part of Bravida’s business and feature in all aspects of our day-to-day operations.

Bravida’s annual report clarifies our responsibility, our strengths and the areas we need to improve from a sustainability perspective. We base our approach on the UN’s Global Compact and describe our sustainability work.

See Bravida's ISO certificate