Purchasing and suppliers

Bravida’s purchases of materials, components and services constitute an important part of our customer offering. Purchasing in the installation and service industry is highly complex. There is a wide range of materials and components from various suppliers that have to be selected for each individual project and assignment.

Group purchasing provides strength

The purchasing expertise and skills of the branches are crucial to ensure customers receive good end-products and to support the profitability of our projects and assignments. To support this work, Bravida has purchasing coordinators and groupwide buyer portal, which includes systems and tools for procurement. The Profit groupwide purchasing platform and coordination of branches’ purchasing help us create larger order volumes and achieve lower prices and efficiency benefits.

Code of conduct for suppliers

We place the same requirements on our business partners as we place on ourselves. Our code of conduct for suppliers focuses on the values and approaches that we believe should apply to issues such as human rights, employment conditions, product responsibility, environmental impact, health and safety and business ethics. Our goal is to establish a dynamic supplier register in which key suppliers and subcontractors are regularly rated.

Tools to reduce supplier risks

The substantial number of suppliers we use presents a challenge when it comes to ensuring compliance with Bravida’s requirements. The supplier portal and tools for supplier assessment are our most important instrument in this respect. In a supplier assessment, suppliers and subcontractors carry out a self-assessment which indicates how well they satisfy requirements within the areas covered by the code of conduct.

Partnerships fuel development

Bravida’s partnerships with selected suppliers create the conditions for pursuing development and finding better solutions. Through closer partnerships we aim to improve our control of purchasing and promote those processes that lead to efficient purchases, less transportation and a reduced carbon footprint.

Integration of acquired businesses

When Bravida acquires companies, they gain access to our purchasing platform, including contracts, systems and product assortment. This enables the company to reduce its purchasing costs while maintaining or increasing quality.