Whistle blower

At Bravida, we strive to run the business in a long-term and sustainable manner in line with our values and our code of conduct.

We therefore encourage our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to report misconducts that deviate from the law and shortcomings in relation to our values ​​and code of conduct.

For this purpose, Bravida has a whistleblower function provided by an external partner for reports of an concern or incident. The function is encrypted and password protected. You never have to provide your identity if you don't want to. A report related to legal violations, Bravida's code of conduct or supplier code of conduct is reported to Bravida's general counsel via this channel. (Please note that you can choose langue settings in the upper right corner to your preferred language.)

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Please note that general business enquiries, customer complaints or other inquiries are referred to our general contact channels here.

Bravida's whistle-blowing policy.

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