Electrical installations

Organisations that review their electrical solutions regularly and are at the forefront of climate adaptation see increased efficiency and benefits. Bravida carries out all types of electrical installations, large and small - whether in offices, homes, hospitals, industries or large infrastructure projects. Contact us if you want to make radical changes and get suggestions on how to optimise your facility or office.

Bravida is an electrical installation company with a broad reach.

At Bravida, we install electrical solutions and design projects in both existing properties and new builds. Everything from lighting in properties of varying sizes to outdoor lighting in residential areas or in road tunnels. You can get help with telecom, data and fibre installations, for example. We also set up and connect both alarm systems and various types of surveillance solutions for increased security. So that you can focus on running your own business in peace and quiet.

Electrical engineering in both small and large projects

Bravida has electricians in many different areas of expertise, so we can help our customers with many types of assignments. Electricity is a complex area that permeates many parts of each specific business, so we need both broad and specialised expertise. Bravida delivers to all projects, both large and small, and is on hand throughout the various phases.


  • Installations in apartment blocks
  • Design for production facilities
  • Large infrastructure projects
  • Hospitals or airports

Well thought out electrical design and installation reduces costs

A regular inspection of the property prevents accidents and reduces the costs associated with breakdowns and sudden incidents. A major fire or other damage to the property could result in high costs and extra work. You can replace components gradually or carry out a more extensive replacement of, for example, electrical centres. Cables can be re-routed and sockets and other plugs can be replaced so that they do not pose a risk.

Taking the right security measures

High-voltage installations in particular require supervision by an authorised electrician as contact with them can be fatal. Our electricians are aware of the risks and make sure to carry out their work with safety first.

Securing operations with automation

With automation, we can control the building's light according to the utilisation of rooms. You can reduce your energy consumption and also create a safer and more pleasant working environment in your organisation.

Energy-efficient premises to enjoy

It is also important that ventilation and heating work optimally and therefore regular monitoring and optimisation is recommended. We can help you carry out an energy audit to obtain information on the energy consumption of your organisation.

What do you need help with?

Bravida offers service, planning and electrical installations in the following areas:


  • Electrical installations
  • Telecom, data and fibre
  • High voltage-systems
  • Electrical substations/emergency power systems
  • Thermal imaging
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Industrial installations
  • Control and monitoring
  • Energy optimisation
  • Advanced measurement services according to ISO/IEC 17020:12*.
Bravida jobbar med fastighetsinstallationer och fastighetsservice

Find an electrical installer near you

Do you need help with design and electrical installations? You are welcome to contact any of our departments around the country. We are happy to help develop proposals for your particular project and we are happy to co-operate from the design and planning phase. We get to know your business and can therefore be proactive and carry out thorough troubleshooting.

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