Bravida Service Management

Bravida Service Management is Bravida's department for technical management of properties and facilities.

Operational management of properties and facilities

We provide operational management of all types of properties and facilities, both large and small. We ensure optimal interaction between all your systems and make sure there are no disruptions and that you get immediate help if problems arise. And we’re on hand if something goes wrong.

Our customer centre offers quick and easy handling of your issues, and also provides feedback, statistics and operating information.

Operation of production facilities

We provide operation and maintenance for energy suppliers and industries, at facilities for heating, cooling, steam, hot water and power generation.

Engineering/energy optimisation

Bravida Service Management offers engineering services that reduce operating costs and minimise the environmental impact of properties and facilities. We assist with long-term plans and measures relating to steam, heating, cooling, ventilation, district heating, compressed air, electricity and control systems for properties and production facilities.


Time is of the essence when you have an urgent problem. Our call-out service is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all types of properties and facilities. After completion of an emergency call-out, we send a report detailing what we have done and whether further measures are required. We can also offer cover during business hours if your regular staff are ill or attending training.

Washing machine and appliance service

We ensure all washing machines and tumble dryers in communal laundry facilities are working and check that other appliances are working, regardless of manufacturer. We offer both call-out contracts and service agreements, and can help replace old appliances where necessary.

Industrial kitchen service

We offer service of industrial kitchen appliances and equipment from all brands. We provide both repairs and preventive service.

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