Ventilation servicing

Since we spend much of our time indoors it’s important to have a good indoor climate. Regular maintenance of ventilation systems improves air quality inside buildings, while helping reduce your energy consumption. Bravida offers all types of ventilation servicing, and we can help with repairs when required.

Bravida’s ventilation fitters servicing ventilation systems in all kinds of properties and facilities, large and small buildings and a range of industries. Our fitters are highly skilled and are experts in their field. Bravida can help with your particular system, whatever type it is and regardless of size.  

Scheduled and regularly checked ventilation solutions contribute to a good indoor climate, which boosts our wellbeing and helps us perform better. Regularly checking and maintenance of ventilation systems enables us to pre-empt various kinds of problems that could potentially be expensive to fix. Our fitters can inspect your installations and establish what kind of maintenance is required. 

Contact one of our ventilation branches if you would like to find out more about how our service solutions could help you. 

Here are some of the ways Bravida can help you with ventilation servicing:

  • Checking air vents, filter status and, where necessary, replacing filters
  • Overhaul of belt drives, shafts and bearings
  • Ventilation system cleaning
  • Checking of belts and belt replacement
  • Checking operation of control systems/monitoring and fire dampers in ventilation systems
  • Checking of temperature and heater unit valves
  • Energy optimisation