Bravida's logotype

Here you'll find different versions of our logotype. For printing usage the eps-files (high resolution) is recommended. In case of web usage or Office-matters, you may chose the png-versions (low resolution) to prevent slow downloads. Our logotype may not be modified and must be displayed in all communications from Bravida.


Download logotype in EPS (for print)

Logotype, CMYK Pos Bravida_Logo_RGB_Pos.png
Logotype, CMYK Neg Bravida_Logo_RGB_Neg.png
Logotype, CMYK White Bravida_Logo_RGB_White.png
Logotype, CMYK White Blue Bravida_Logo_RGB_White_Blue.png
Logotype, CMYK Black Bravida_Logo_RGB_Black.png

Download logotype in PNG (for web and screen) 

Logotype, RGB Pos Bravida_Logo_RGB_Pos.png
Logotype, RGB Neg Bravida_Logo_RGB_Neg.png
Logotype, RGB White Bravida_Logo_RGB_White.png
Logotype, RGB White Blue Bravida_Logo_RGB_White_Blue.png
Logotype, RGB Black Bravida_Logo_RGB_Black.png

Contact to get guidelines for how to use the Bravida logotype.