Bravida decides on restruction of the business in Stockholm

Parts of Bravida’s business in Stockholm have experienced negative earnings performance for an extended period. This has lead Bravida’s management to decide on restruction.

Press release

The negative development in the Stockholm business continued during the third quarter 2019, which resulted in further losses. As the market in the area around Stockholm is estimated to remain good, the Management decided to restructure in order to strengthen Bravida’s competitive position going forward.

The Management estimate that this will result in a non-recurrent cost of SEK 60 million. The cost will affect the fourth quarter 2019.

For further information, please contact:
Åsa Neving, CFO, Bravida. Phone: +46 70 529 64 87
Morten Kjellev, Head of Communication, Bravida. Phone: +46 72 226 37 79