Bravida Denmark signs framework agreement with Nexel A/S to expand the electricity grid on Zealand

Nexel ensures the operation and maintenance, as well as the expansion, of the electricity grid in Eastern Denmark and Bravida’s assignment will include electrical and ground work with an annual order value of DKK 70-210 million.

Press release

The framework agreement covers Bravida assisting Nexel with the strengthening of the electricity grid, to underpin the energy transition happening in society. The work will include replacing feeder cables, substations and cable boxes.

“We are pleased that Nexel has chosen Bravida for this project, which prepares society for the future. Bravida has many years of experience in ensuring a stable electricity supply and we look forward to making a positive contribution to the collaboration with our expertise,” comments Johnny Hey, CEO of Bravida Denmark.

Anders Vikkelsø, CEO of Nexels, comments:

“In recent years, the need for both human and material resources has increased in our sector. We have therefore had to rethink our partnerships out in the field, to ensure that we always have the necessary capacity to help customers as quickly as possible and strengthen the electricity grid in good time.”

The framework agreement will run from April 2023 until 2028, with the possibility to extend it by up to three years. 

For further information, please contact: 
Liselotte Stray
Head of Group Communications
+46 (0)76 852 38 11