Bravida to provide installation services for two hotel projects in Kiruna’s urban transformation, with a total order value of SEK 100 million

Bravida has been commissioned by LKAB and Nåiden Bygg AB to carry out installation work for two new hotel projects in Kiruna. One is Block 6 in the new Kiruna town centre and the other is LKAB’s new Bolagshotell in Kiruna.

Press release

In order to ensure LKAB can continue mining iron ore in Kiruna, a large number of properties in the current town centre have to be removed. Block 6 consists of a new hotel and a number of other premises, and Bravida has been given the task of carrying out electrical, telecommunications/data, security, heating and plumbing, HVAC, sprinkler, cooling and automation installations as part of a joint contract. 

In another part of Kiruna, the new Bolagshotellet is being built at the same time, where Bravida is responsible for the installation of internal and external electricity, heating and plumbing, and HVAC. 

“We have good experience from previous projects of working with Bravida, which has a good organisation in place in Kiruna. The fact that Bravida can handle the project with local expertise is an important part of why we chose Bravida for the two projects,” comments Tjabba Nordanfjäll, Project Manager at LKAB, and Anders Similä, Site Manager at Nåiden Bygg AB.

Tage Lundin, Regional Manager Malmfälten at Bravida, comments: 

“We are grateful for the continued trust placed in us by LKAB and Nåiden Bygg AB with regard to building the new Kiruna and thereby helping ensure continued mining opportunities for LKAB. The two assignments are technically complex and demand both high standards regarding the installation work and correct, cost-effective design.”

Both the installation projects will start in the first quarter of 2022. Block 6 is expected to be completed in December 2024 and the new Bolagshotellet is expected to be completed in October 2023.

For additional information, please contact: 
Liselotte Stray
Head of Group Communications
+46 76 852 38 11