A Bravida solution that reduces energy costs for property owners

By controlling and monitoring district heating at their premises directly via a mobile phone or tablet, property owners can reduce their energy use with the help of Proptech BOX – Heat. Property owners can cut their energy costs by at least 10–15% and thereby reduce their climate footprints.

Press release

“With the rising energy prices at the moment, it feels like just the right time to be offering a solution to our customers that will help them reduce their energy costs and at the same time reduce their climate impact. This is also fully in line with Bravida’s own sustainability efforts, with these meaning that our services can help our customers reduce their emissions by 55% by 2030,” comments Stefan Sandström, Head of Automation at Bravida.

The digital remote monitoring provided by Proptech BOX – Heat makes it possible to monitor and control properties efficiently and easily from a distance. Via Proptech BOX – Heat, a property is connected to the customer’s own BMS system or to Bravida’s Cloud. The customer can also choose between different levels of service. The solution can be supplemented by intelligent and autonomous optimisation supported by AI. The property owner also gets access to Bravida’s online portal, where previous data and visualisation relating to the premises can be viewed.

Proptech BOX – Heat has been available in Sweden since March 2023 and will be launched in the other Nordic countries in April 2023. Proptech BOX – Heat is the first product in a series of new networked solutions that are being developed within an ecosystem of specialised suppliers. 

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