Bravida launches an updated brand platform with a new vision and new key messages

The purpose of the new brand platform is to focus even more strongly on the value provided by Bravida’s comprehensive range of services, unite the Group’s technology areas and communicate Bravida’s brand promise in a new way.

Press release

“Bravida’s core business ultimately involves ensuring that everyday things, like water coming from a tap, electric sockets for charging your mobile phone, and energy-smart buildings, work in a responsible and climate-smart way. Things that you expect to just work, do indeed work if you have Bravida as your partner,” comments Liselotte Stray, Head of Communications at Bravida.

Bravida’s updated brand platform is Group-wide and includes, for example, a new vision, a new mission and six additional key messages.

“By updating Bravida’s brand platform, we are taking a clear new approach to communication and thus advancing our position in the industry. The messages put a frame around the entire Bravida business and highlight the value and end results that our employees deliver for customers and society every day,” comments Liselotte Stray.

Bravida’s vision: Our vision is to always deliver the experience of when it just works.

Bravida's mission: We offer technical end-to-end solutions over the lifetime of a property, from consulting and project design to installation and service. We are a large company with a local presence throughout the Nordic region. We meet customers on site and take long-term responsibility for our work. Our employees are the heart of our organisation. Through our shared values, working methods and mindset, we collaborate to build a sustainable and profitable future for our customers and ourselves.

Bravida's eight key messages:

  • When it just works
  • We bring buildings to life
  • Service everywhere, every time
  • Shaping the resilient future. Today and beyond.
  • Innovation that works – when and where it matters.
  • Safety first. Always.
  • We create great results together
  • Building trust since 1922

Implementation of the messages has started.

For more information on the brand platform as a whole, please contact:
Liselotte Stray, Head of Group Communications
+46 76 852 38 11