Bravida to deliver complete solution for electric vehicle charging to Schneider Electric in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Bravida expands their agreement within technical Facility Management with Schneider Electric to install charging points and provide the Bravida Charge service. This is for Schneider Electric’s premises in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The agreement runs until 2025 and has an order value of approximately SEK 30 million. 

Press release

Bravida Charge has been developed by Bravida and is a complete solution for electric vehicle charging. It includes the installation of charging points, as well as operation, monitoring, remote support and payment solutions, controlled via an app. The agreement forms part of Schneider’s efforts to electrify its company vehicle fleet. 

Since 2022, Bravida has had a Nordic agreement for technical Facility Management with Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation. The existing agreement is now being supplemented with Bravida’s charging service Bravida Charge.

“We are pleased to be further developing and intensifying the cooperation with Schneider Electric in the Nordic countries, based on our existing TFM contract. It’s great that we can grow with our customers, while also demonstrating our capacity as both a national and a Nordic partner. This also proves that Bravida is a complete partner in the technical areas relating to facilities, and in terms of our goal of being a one-stop shop for customers,” comments Pontus Monthan, Head of TFM Nordics at Bravida. 

Jens Ellevang, Facility Manager Nordics at Schneider Electric, comments: 

“As we knew that Bravida offers solutions in numerous areas, we also included them in the discussions about charging solutions when we entered into an agreement for the provision of TFM services. The cooperation with Bravida has been excellent so far and we believe that adding electric vehicle charging to the existing cooperation will result in positive synergies for both parties and an even stronger partnership.” 

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