Bravida awarded SEK 183 million installation project for cleaner wastewater at Stockholm’s new treatment plant

Bravida has been awarded the task by Veidekke of carrying out installation work for heating and plumbing, support systems and HVAC during the expansion of the Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant to create a larger facility in Sickla outside Stockholm. The new treatment plant will help make the water discharged into the Baltic Sea cleaner.

Press release

Part of the Stockholm Future Wastewater Treatment (SFA) project involves developing the Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant and the Sickla facility to create one of the most modern plants in the world, at which wastewater is treated with new efficient technologies. 

“Bravida is an installation partner of crucial importance for society and we are involved in many of Stockholm’s ongoing infrastructure projects. We are very happy to be involved in another assignment within this project, as we are already performing installation work at Henriksdal’s biolines and the sewerage tunnel,” comments Peter Johansson, Regional Manager for Region VVS Stockholm at Bravida. 

Bravida’s assignment includes performing installation work for heating and plumbing, support systems for the treatment plant’s processes and HVAC systems in rock caverns and technical facilities.

Johan Håkansson, Commercial Project Manager for the Sickla project at Veidekke, comments:

“To cope with the population growth in Stockholm and at the same time meet the increased environmental requirements of the future, Stockholm’s wastewater treatment facilities need to be renewed. We are looking forward to working with Bravida on this project, and have chosen them as a supplier because they offer the best overall solution for this extensive contract.” 

Production will start in autumn 2024 and continue until the end of 2027.

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Head of Group Communications
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