Nordic Trainee Programme

The Nordic Trainee Programme (NTP) is Bravida's Nordic trainee program. Every year around 30 young talents get the opportunity to learn more about leadership, business acumen and Bravida's way of working.

We give you the opportunity to develop

Bravida offers great opportunities for those who want to learn more or develop their careers. One of them is our trainee program, the Nordic Trainee Programme (NTP). As a participant in the trainee program, you will get a good foundation for a career in Bravida.

Under programmet kommer du att lära dig mer om Bravida som bolag och hur vi arbetar enligt Bravida Way. Dessutom kommer du att träffa andra unga talanger och ledande personer i företaget, vilket ger dig chans att bygga ditt eget nätverk hos oss. För rätt person finns stora utvecklingsmöjligheter inom Bravida efter programmet. 

The year as a trainee

We believe that the most important school for you as an employee is the daily work. That's why the trainee program runs in parallel with your regular job at Bravida. As a first step in the program, you make an individual development plan together with your manager, based on your practical professional role.

During the year, you will then take part in network meetings with other participants from across the Nordic region. In four different modules, you will learn more about the basics of business acumen, leadership, self-leadership and the Bravida Way.

Each trainee is also assigned a project with the aim of developing an area within Bravida. Examples of previous topics include energy-smart solutions, efficient contracting projects or how we should develop our apprenticeship program.

The programme ends with a graduation ceremony where you can present your project work to a panel of experts consisting of key people in the organisation.


Who can join the program?

The trainee program is aimed at those who are at the beginning of their career. To qualify, you need to have worked at least a couple of months in the company before the start of this year's course and have been registered by your manager.

It is important that you thrive in a business-driven culture and that you recognize our values:

  • Take care of the business
  • Keep it simple
  • Take responsibility
  • Be proactive

Most applicants to the program are either recent graduates or have a few years of experience.


How do I apply for the trainee program?

To become a trainee, you must first be employed by Bravida. It is often mentioned in the job advertisement that the position may qualify you for the trainee program. Recruitment for 2024 takes place from January-September 2023 and the course starts in March 2024.

For more information, contact our HR-partners below:

Anna Kostet Nordin, division North

Mathilda Ipsen, division Stockholm

Marlene Kjellgren,division South

Matilda Grillhammar, Koncern