Branch Manager Industrial Operations

Therese Levander tells us about her position as Branch Manager within Industrial Operations


Hi Therese,  

What does a normal day at work look like for you? 

"There is no classic typical day to describe; every day is completely different.  It's a mixture of customer meetings, internal meetings, financial tasks, and personnel issues."  

What is your path to Bravida?

"I originally come from the FM (Facility Management) industry, and before joining Bravida I was a site manager for a major construction and property customer. I have also been a site manager in warehousing, production, and logistics for many years. Most of my family works in the property industry and I have always been interested in service, people, and property. It was therefore very natural for me to be where I am today and work with what I find fun."  
What is the best thing about your job?   

"I get to work with nice customers and colleagues and be part of a fantastic department. I also have varied and fun tasks. "
How would you describe Bravida as an employer? 

"A serious employer, a large well-known company - where safety is prioritised. Long experience in the industry and there is a lot of expertise within the company."
What makes Bravida a good workplace? 

"For me, it's the atmosphere, the colleagues and the possibility to develop as an individual. Being involved in the development of employees, customers and various services. Bravida is a company I'm proud to work for."