Bravida is a large employer – the largest in electrical, heating & plumbing, and HVAC in the Nordics. But our aim is far greater than this. Our goal is to be the most attractive employer in the industry.

Bravida has around 13,000 employees working together. We are trade professionals, service technicians, project managers, service managers, cost accountants, business managers, administrators and economists who are all experts in their own areas.

Recruitment is a key issue for Bravida's growth

There is currently a skills gap of 10,000 trained fitters in Sweden. Denmark faces a similar situation.  The significant competition for labour is placing stringent requirements on our offering as an employer and on our work to retain, develop and attract the best skills. This is why we are currently making efforts to improve in several areas:

  • Raise the profile of and interest in the sector and Bravida as an employer through a presence at vocational colleges and other forums.
  • Apprentice programmes across all areas of technology
  • Internal career paths
  • Management programme to strenghten leadership skills
  • The Bravida School, our in-house training organisation
  • Our employer brand, under the motto 'We create great results, together'

A corporate culture that everyone contributes to

A fundamental aspect of Bravida’s corporate culture is that we grow and learn from each other – we keep our commitments, we follow up and we constantly improve. We call it the Bravida Way. Together with Bravida’s code of conduct and our core values, this forms the basis for how we act and how we develop in the future.

Our Code of Conduct

The code of conduct contains the ethical values that we believe should apply in our business on issues regarding human rights, labour relations, customers and quality management, the environment and sustainability, leadership and business ethics.

Whistleblower function

If anyone feels that we are not adhering to our values, suspects that something isn’t right or if someone feels they have been wrongly treated, Bravida has a whistleblower function to report such issues anonymously.

A welcoming and respectful workplace

Bravida should be a workplace that welcomes and respects all employees. By promoting gender equality and diversity, we make the most of employees’ differences, skills and experience. The Group maintains policies and plans for equal rights and opportunities, with measures and objectives designed to increase gender equality and diversity. We are working with employer organisations and training boards to increase the proportion of women in the industry.

Bravida has zero tolerance of all forms of harassment and discrimination. If there are suspicions or comes to our knowledge that harassment occurs, action should be taken swiftly in accordance with our anti-harassment action plan.

Our HR processes are structured in accordance with legislation and collective agreements to ensure that we live up to society requirements and our own code of conduct, not least in issues concerning human rights, the working environment and labour law. Internal audits, independent inspections and our employee survey help us to further follow up our compliance.