Bravida Service Management

Through technical operation of properties and facilities, we help our customers make their properties more energy efficient, and long-lasting. We perform service in all types of properties and facilities regardless of size. We make sure that all systems work together optimally, that no operational disruptions occur, and that you get help immediately if problems should arise.

We can help you in many areas. What do you need help with today?


Laundry service

At Bravida, we help our customers with the installation of laundry equipment, preventive maintenance such as cleaning and service of dryers, drying cabinets and washing machines.

Bravida's 24 hour service

Time is precious when matters are urgent. Our emergency service is ready 24 hours a day, all year round, regardless of the type of property or facility.

Commercial kitchen service

We offer service of commercial kitchen machines and commercial kitchen equipment. We help with both troubleshooting and preventive service.

Property management

Technical operation of properties and facilities, for both small and large customers. We make sure that all systems work together optimally.

Industrial operations

We offer services in energy production, industry, biogas and logistics operation, maintenance and development of facilities.

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