‘BraIngenjör’ – Bravida’s Development programme for recent engineering graduates

Are you an engineering or business graduate? Are you interested in working in the installations industry? Enterprising graduates with an interest in technology can get a flying start to their careers at Bravida.

‘BraIngenjör’ is Bravida’s Nordic trainee programme that gives young engineers and business graduates the chance to learn about the installation industry from the ground up. Perhaps you’ll become one of Bravida’s future managers or specialists?

A year on the BraIngenjör programme

Over the year, graduates on the programme will gain an insight into how the installation and service industry and Bravida work. You’ll gain a good understanding of the construction process, and you'll learn lots about leadership and business skills.

First of all, you'll draw up an individual development plan together with your manager. Part of the programme consists of a project that aims to develop a particular area in Bravida. Previous subjects have included developing energy-efficient solutions, improving how we work with construction projects and developing our apprenticeship programme.

Over the year, you’ll also participate in four networking events with fellow programme participants from across the Nordic region. At these events, you’ll learn more about the Bravida Way – our approach to work. Other subjects dealt with at these networking events include business skills and leadership. The training programme concludes with an assessment, which involves you presenting the results of the project work you have conducted over the year.

As a programme participant, you will meet other young talented employees and senior people in the company, giving you the chance to develop your own network at Bravida. For the right person, there are significant development opportunities at Bravida after completing the programme.

Who can participate in the BraIngenjör programme?

The programme is aimed at those with a strong interest in engineering and those wanting to learn about the industry and construction process.
To qualify, you need to be a graduate in engineering, business or economics with an interest in engineering, or hold a qualification from a vocational college. You need to have a focus on an area such as construction, installation or energy and environment, and it’s important that you enjoy working in a business-driven culture. Most programme applicants are either recent graduates or have a couple of years’ experience of the industry.

How do I apply for the BraIngenjör programme?

To join the BraIngenjör programme, you first need to be employed, for instance, as a construction engineer, cost accountant or project manager, at Bravida. Our job advertisements often state whether a particular post counts as qualifying for the BraIngenjör programme.

For further information and to express an interest in the programme, contact Jonas Cahling, responsible for the BraIngenjör programme.