What is your path to Bravida?

We need more people and we need to know more to enable the sustainable, energy-efficient and smart societies of the future.

There are many routes into the installation industry

If you have a technical interest, there are many compelling reasons to consider a future in the installation industry. The outlook is bright with exciting opportunities for personal development.

There are many routes into the installation industry. Already in secondary school you can choose a vocational programme. If you then want to work as a project manager, technician or engineer in the industry, you continue to study after high school. Usually, you work for a few years before deciding to continue studying.

Bravidas tekniker under en genomgång på en arbetsplats

Changing career

Discover meaningful career paths as an HVAC fitter, electrician and ventilation fitter or some of our other roles. These combine practical skills with creative problem solving to make a positive impact on people's lives. The most common way to switch to a career in installation is to study current courses at Komvux or become a company apprentice and learn on the job.

Further studies

If you want to study further, there are several vocational colleges to choose from as well as a university with an installation specialisation. If you want to change careers later in life, we recommend vocational training or applying for employment as a company apprentice.


If you already have electrical or plumbing skills, you can have them validated. In this way, you can skip studying the parts you already have and supplement them to become authorised to work in Sweden.

How do I start?

For more information on how you can train and find a way into our industry of the future, we recommend you visit the website of our employer organisation, Installatörsföretagen.

IN.se - Get an education



Are you interested in becoming an apprentice? At Bravida you can learn the job from experienced professionals. We welcome apprentices throughout Sweden. Apprentices are important to us - many of our most skilled fitters started as apprentices at Bravida.

Become an apprentice at Bravida

Graduate job/traineeship

Have an idea for a thesis, or want to see what it's like to work in the real world? We often accept students for thesis work or internships, and it's a great way to get into the company. If it works well, there are great opportunities for continued employment.

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The Nordic Trainee Program is Bravida's Nordic development program. Every year, more than 30 young talents get the opportunity to develop through the program.

Nordic Trainee Program