Development of society

Bravida wants to be the best in the Nordic region for sustainable installation and service. This means we are also contributing towards developing society both today and for the future.

Bravida’s aim is to create a long-term healthy return for its shareholders by operating our business in a way that is profitable, responsible and transparent. We want to offer our staff secure employment and to develop our business, and make a positive contribution to the rest of society.

How we create added value for our stakeholders


Bravida contributes to the development of society by paying taxes and other public fees, as well as through our employees paying income tax. Bravida has a transfer pricing policy that clearly sets out the rules for financial transfers between the Group’s companies. We comply with national tax legislation in all countries in which we operate and we pay the requisite tax on our earnings in each country.


Bravida employs just over 10,600 people in four countries. With businesses in around 150 locations throughout the Nordic region, we are a significant local employer. We provide professional development for employees and offer a range of career opportunities, as well as investing in health and safety and job satisfaction.

Suppliers and business partners

We purchase materials, products and services from both large and small suppliers. Our branches purchase significant amounts of services, creating job opportunities and generating new business opportunities in the locations where they operate. We look to sign long-term cooperation agreements that give our suppliers and partners the opportunity to develop their businesses over the long term.

Shareholders and debtors

Bravida pays a dividend to its shareholders. We endeavour to increase shareholder value by operating a business that has long-term profitability. We ensure our position as a reliable debtor by meeting our payment obligations.